SalesPharma has successfully established since 1991, and continues to develop and continues to develop, an innovative network of partnerships in the field of health and in particular in the field of pharmacy and medical information covering geographical areas throughout Greece.

The aim of the company is to provide top quality products and services to its customers, through informing the pharmacists and successful promotion and sales promotion of these products in the pharmacies.

All services employ proven proven methodologies, with particular experience in the O.T.C., cosmetic and medical devices industries.

 The knowledge, the experience, the consistency and the innovation are SalesPharma's value chain in which every partner and every individual customer is another valuable link.

The immediate information and the service, the consistency and the speed are the key tools in any of our partnerships. 

SalesPharma's staff consists of a team of trained and experienced pharmacy salespeople. Flexibility, proper service and nationwide coverage of market needs are also largely based on the excellent partnerships the company has built in every region of Greece.

 Ε comes to serve the needs of the online age in:

   ● Optical items

   ● Medical Technology Products

   ● Personal care

   ● Healthy diet


 We are eager to guide you through tips and suggestions, both for achieving your goals and rewarding your hard work. We will answer any questions that may arise regarding the products, tips you need or the features of the site.

Contact us at or phone +30.801-111-7600.

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